David is a Chartered Accountant by profession having worked for 15 years in practice, primarily with KPMG, 2½ years of which were in Australia.  The majority of this time was in the Reconstruction and Insolvency division and David was a Licenced Insolvency Practitioner for 10-years.

He has a strong advisory background, guiding clients through major projects (including acquisitions and disposals), as well as advising clients faced with difficult trading issues.

David joined Northern Bank Ltd (now Danske Bank) in 1999 and progressed to Head of Credit in 2005 where he had strategic & operational responsibility for all Credit related activities. 

David was on the Bank’s Executive Committee for 7 years 2005-2012 and is a former Chairman of the Ulster Society of Chartered Accountants.

David retired from banking in 2019 and joined RFA in 2020.

What’s involved in your job?

I have the fantastic job of helping Rachel build the RFA business from the solid foundation that she has established into a thriving advisory practice that is focussed on delivering economic recovery in Northern Ireland through the promotion of a positive rescue and recovery culture.   A key element of my current role is to help clients navigate their way through stressful situations of challenge or change.   I draw upon my past experiences to bring a sense of logic, order, and calmness to what can feel like a situation of chaos, disorder, and despair.  

What was the most valuable piece of advice you have ever been given?

There is always a solution, you may just not be able to see it right now – but you can solve it, and you will if you look hard enough.  

What drives you?

I take enormous pleasure from being a catalyst to growth – growth both in terms of business performance, and also in the personal confidence of business owners and managers.  I find it enormously satisfying to see these important individuals making positive decisions about their business as a result of the guidance and advice provided through advisory assignments I have worked on.  

What do you do outside work?

I’m an active CrossFit enthusiast (though not necessarily skilled), enjoy spending time with family and friends, and love the increasingly sophisticated NI food scene.