Growing businesses can be exciting, challenging and demanding on business leaders.  Rachel Fowler Advisory works with clients to ensure they have the information required to take key business decisions and access finance to help achieve their goals.


We will often act as an extra pair of hands to ensure that the business continues to run and function whilst plans are made for growth.  RFA can work independently to prepare projections, assess resource requirements and consider how existing systems and processes might cope with a growth phase.


In an ideal world business leaders would plan growth and use that plan to navigate through the challenges they face.  It’s not always that simple and entrepreneurs will want to take advantage of opportunities as they come their way.  Quite often this puts pressure on existing systems, people and infrastructure.

The most successful business leaders understand their business, they demand information they can rely on and focus on the key business drivers.

Rachel Fowler Advisory helps owners build businesses that are resilient, flexible and capable of making the most of those opportunities.

RFA will helps clients understand capacity, assess risks and identify opportunity for saving.  RFA provides the tools needed to react to opportunity with confidence.

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