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Over the last 18 months Accountants have been asked to go beyond the books and provide more advice and support to their clients.  Whilst many have experienced bumper profits, are cash rich and tax savings will be at the fore there will always be those struggling.  

This session is designed for accountants who will be at the frontline when things begin to unravel for clients.  We will provide an overview of the processes available and the things to watch out for in those initial discussions.  

Ultimately this is about giving your client a sense of comfort, providing reassurance they are in safe hands and hopefully for many will lead to a business rescue.

Learning Outcomes

  • Overview of the Insolvency Market
  • Understanding of the Business Lifecycle
  • A high-level summary of the Options
  • Common Insolvency terms i.e. the jargon of insolvency
  • Tips for advising your clients

Who should attend

Anyone responsible for managing the advisory relationship who may benefit from a refresher on corporate insolvency and a market update.

Date: Thursday 7th October

Time: 12.30pm to 2pm

Location: Zoom Video Conferencing

Presented by Rachel Fowler

Cost: FREE

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